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How to remove stain items from textile fabric is a challenge. To remove stain items, act immediately and use some common sense besides all the books, tips and best tricks said as how to clean up, treat or remove stain items.


 Test stained items first 

To get rid of stained spots from cloth or materials with the help of natural or chemical stain/odor removal products, it is recommend to sample test first on a hidden part or swatch of the stained items. Also remember that some home or household stain remover products could be hazardous for pets. Read labels carefully.

3 Factors To Remove Stain Items 

     To remove stain items, the combination of 3 factors are important. Fabric structure, contents, and the stain type.

 Importance Of Fabric Fibers 

Fabric items have different fiber contents. For example the fabric content of both sheer chiffon items and charmeuse items could be 100% polyester. One can not treat both fabrics the same way to remove out the stain items, reasoning they have the same content. Also note that to treat delicate fibers like silk, one needs professional help.
 Types Of Stains 
Deep colors, greasy, oily, vegetable, and sticky stains are naturally difficult to remove.  As first aid, it will help if you reduce the stain items concentration while is fresh. Clear water is the safest liquid that could reduce or take out the smell and concentration of stains. The temperature of water is also important depending on the stain items.
To keep athletic shoes, suede shoes, tablecloths, clothes, shirt and other items look brand new, one must act immediately to remove the stain items.

 Working With Stain Items 

To remove stains and spills out of clothings and others, work outside in to avoid spreading stain items. Rubbing will do more harm, and could push in the stains deep into the fibers, or change the color. Dried, sticky, bodily and old stains will be difficult to remove if set for a long period.

 Water Marks Stains & Rust                       

Water mark stains on textile fabrics are similar to rust on iron.
      Watermarks are stubborn, rough, and could never come off unless treated by professionals like dry cleaners & proven solutions. We don't recommend you risk trying to remove watermark stains or rings with a trial and error method. The first failed attempt will seriously damage the clothes textile fabric.
 Techniques For Removing Stain Items  
Carpets, rugs, sofas, car seats, luggage and some draperies have different techniques for removing stains. The difficulty is that you cannot access beneath the stained spot and must work only on the surface. Be careful not to push and spread the stain or fluid deeper into where you don't have access getting the stains out completely.
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