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Pocket lining or pocketing items
textile fabric are considered as one of the most important materials used in clothing. Although one pays less attention to the pocket lining while shopping clothing, it is one of the most essential parts of the apparel that has to be chosen correctly for production. Pocket lining textile fabric has to match the fabric, style, and durability of the clothing.


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 Pocket Fabric Produced From  
Pocket lining items are mostly produced from polyester, cotton, or a mixture of poly and cotton. The mixing percentage, weight, and finish of these two yarns determine the durability and softness of the pocket fabric lining.
Pocketing fabric could be uncomfortable but durable if produced only from polyester fibers. Mixing cotton will soften the pocket lining. To determine the stiffness of pocketing fabric, starch is added to the finish.

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  Pocketing Lining Colors 

Pocket lining colors are mostly white, ivory and black. Some high fashion clothing manufactures dye to match the pocket lining fabric. Dying pocketing fabric has to be done with appropriate methods to avoid transferring colors to the skin or the clothing items.

  Pocket Textile Lining Care

Not much care is necessary for pocketing textile items if chosen right by the manufactures of clothing. Normally pocket lining fabrics are chosen to have the same lifetime as the original clothing fabric. 

 Jeans have heavier pocket lining to last long with the durable denim fabric.


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