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  Fabric Items, is a simple informative site describing fibers, yarns, woven, non woven, knits and other facts about textile fabric, as related to garment, shoes and all other industries using fabrics in their products.

It will also refer to dyeing, designing, sewing, printing, care, drying, ironing, stains, water marks, tips, and many other latest daily fasion news, articles regarding cloth or fabric items.




  Textile Fabric Fibers   
Fibers are items that yarns are produced from. Acetate, rayon, silk, wool, nylon, polyester, cotton, plants and petroleum are some fibers used for the production of yarns.

Various fibers are mixed together regularly to produce different types of yarns for fabric or textile items. Mixing fibers will change the strength, softness, durability and many other factors of the structure in textiles. It also affects the guide line for washing, dying, cutting, sewing, and printing of fabrics.
      Textile World Magazine offers complete fiber-to-fabric coverage of all facets of the U.S. and global textile industry. The magazine's outstanding technical editors apprise textile managers of the latest technologies and chart industry trends from raw materials to finished product. 
    Textile Magazine
 Textile Fabrics Yarn 

Fabrics and textiles are produced from yarns. Yarns are made from natural, artificial or mixed fibers.

The content of yarn plays an important role in cutting, dyeing, printing, care, finish and also the designing of the textile fabric items. For example the care or cutting silk fabric, is very different from the wool fabric.

  Fabric Textile  Spandex And Mechanical Stretch 
Textile World Asia Magazine is published in English and Chinese. The magazine covers the textile industry in high-growth Asian markets including China, India, Turkey, and Pakistan. Each issue features new technologies, company profiles and trade show news.          Items like spandex, if added to the yarn, will give a comfortable stretch feel to the cloth.

Knit textile fabrics usually have a mechanical stretch texture without the use of spandex. Handling and cutting of stretch textiles are more difficult.

Comfortable shoes have spandex or other special fiber in the yarn used for the textile and fabric items.
 Fabric Magazine    

 Fabric Textile Item Production  
Textile fabric items are produced in different ways. Weaving and knitting are the most common of them.

There are also other methods for the production of fabric textile. For example felts are produced by pressing the fibers. To cut felts, the right tools and skill are required.

Nets and laces used for apparels could also be known as fabrics. Examples of nets are illusion tulle fabric or soft net, and crinoline or hard netting.

Fusing could also be considered as fabric or textile items.
Textile fabric consultants will have more detailed information for your specific needs and answers.

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Angora, Chino, Georgette, Ottoman, Twill,
Bengaline, Corduroy, Houndstooth, Piqué, Velour,
Bouclé, Crepe, Interlock, Pongee, Veloutine,
Brocade, Crepon, Jacquard, Poplin, Velvet,
Canvas, Crinoline, Jersey, Panne, Vinyl,
Cashmere, Denim, Lace, Satin, Voile,
Challis, Eyelet, Lamé, Shantung, Whipcord,
Chambray, Faille, Lawn, Sharkskin, Fur,
Charmeuse, Fleece, Messaline, Tricot Fusing, Upholstery,
Chenille, Flannel, Mohair, Tulle, Leather,
Chiffon, Gabardine, Organza, Tweed,  
*Acetate, *Hemp, *Linen, *Ramie, *Spandex,
*Acrylic, *Jute, *Nylon, *Rayon, *Wool,
*Cotton, *Lastex, *Polyester, *Silk,  
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